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Red Sea ReefDose 4 Review

Red Sea Reefdose 43/31/2022 - Before I get into the review of the Red Sea ReefDose 4, keep in mind that the Red Sea ReefDose 4 and the ReefDose 2 all share the same parts and are build the same. The only difference between the two units is the ReefDose 4 has 4 dosing heads were the ReefDose 2 has two dosing heads. Other than that, there exactly the same except for their sizes. So lets get into the specs on the Red Sea ReefDose 4.

  • Single drop accuracy dosing heads with a direct-drive planetary gear-motor, provides an accuracy of ± 0.05ml or an average deviation of 0.5% (over 10ml).
  • 4 easy-set, smart dosing options for each head, that are automatically combined into one coordinated schedule for the complete device.
  • Easy assembly click-on/off dosing heads (no tools or alignment required).
  • Automatic delay between the heads to prevent chemical interaction between supplements.
  • Daily dose per head of 0.2ml up to 1000ml in increments of 0.1ml.
  • On-demand manual dosing.
  • 3 dosing flow rates: Whisper 15ml/min, Regular 30ml/min, Turbo 45 ml/min.
  • Motor life expectancy of 10 years – based on 250ml/day/head.
  • Dimensions: 8.9" x 3.4" x 3.4"
  • Wall mounting bracket included
  • Uses the ReefBeat App - One interface for all of Red Sea smart devices.

Red Sea ReefDose 4 boxFirst impressions - packaging: For a person that was in retail for over 23 years, packaging and first impressions are a big deal for me. The ReefDose 4 came in a thick black glossy box with detailed information about the unit in several different languages. The information on the box was informative and gave me enough information to make a good buying decision.

The box wasn’t what impressed me the most, it was the packaging inside the box that makes you think you’re buying a premium product. The unit is divided into two different compartments, one for the dosing pump and the other for the accessories. All two compartments are lined with a semi hard foam to help protect everything inside Red Sea ReefDose 4 inner boxthe box. The foam wrapped around the dosing unit very tightly and would protect the unit if the box ever fell. Even the glass laboratory grade measuring cylinder was protected on three sides with semi hard foam. The top inner cover was also protected by the semi hard foam.

For a product that cost more than my my JBJ nano aquarium, I was expecting nothing less than a premium feel to the packaging and Red Sea delivered (Well Done).

First impressions - What’s Included in the Box:  Dosing unit with 4 dosing heads, Wall mounting bracket with screws, Universal power supple, Laboratory grade measuring cylinder (Glass), Instruction manual and dosing label decals.

Red Sea ReefDsoe 4

Red Sea ReefDsoe 4 mounting bracketOne thing I wasn’t expecting was a glass measuring cylinder for calibrating each unit. Red Sea didn’t have to make this measuring cylinder glass, they could have made it of plastic. But I believe they went this rout to give this product a more premium feel compared to other dosers on the market. Power supple is a little big but is well built and power cord is about 4’ in length.

The included mounting bracket (includes 4 mounting screws) is well built and holds the dosing unit tightly in place. The mounting bracket isn’t necessarily needed since the dosing unit can be placed on any flat surface, like a shelf. The power cord cable management is well thought out on the back of the unit as shown in the picture above. This gives you placement options without warrying about the power cable being in the way, well done Red Sea.

First impressions - Product Quality
: The dosing units is made of a hard molded plastic in a matt black finish, which can be easily wiped down with a cloth for removing any moisture or salt build up. The build quality seemed very good and well put together with no defects that I could see.

Red Sea dosing headThe outer shell of the dosing heads are made of a thick molded clear plastic and seem to be very durable and can be easily removed for maintenance. Since the outer shell of the heads are made of clear plastic, you can see the motors turning while it’s dosing which helps in trouble shooting if you ever have any issues with dosing, plus seeing the motors turning while dosing is pretty cool too. One thing I really like about this dosing unit is the ease of taking off the head units for connecting tubing or for maintenance. Well done Red Sea!

The dosing motors are a direct drive planetary gear motor which provides the accuracy needed for this doser. Generally, planetary gears are used as speed reducers. They are used to slow down motors and increase torque. Torque is the working power of the motor. planetary gearboxes offer high torque transmission with good stiffness and low noise in a footprint that's more compact than that of other gearbox types.

Overall, product quality seems to be very good with no noticeable defects in workmanship and everything seems to be put together very well with high quality parts. The priming buttons on the unit have a nice feel to them and work well. The indicator lead light are bright and well positioned on the unit for easy viewing. One thing I wasn’t expecting was the inner battery which helps maintain time in case of a power failure. It seems Red Sea thought of everything while building this dosing unit, well done Red Sea.

First impressions – ReefBeat App: The ReefBeat App is what makes this dosing unit so easy to use and can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple store. If this is your first Red Sea ReefBeat Apptime setting up any Red Sea device, I recommend installing and setting up your account. Then waiting at least 30 minutes before installing your new unit. This will help in setting up your new device easier and pain free.  Here are some of the key features which makes this dosing unit so great.

  • 4 Scheduling Options: Single daily dosing, 24 hourly dosing, Customized schedule dosing with multiple time periods and a timer schedule dosing.
  • Dosing Data: Dose Queue and dosing logs gives detailed information on when and how much dosing was given on any one day and records the information for 30 days.
  • Pease of Mind: Receive notifications that will ensure a smooth dosing routine by alerting you of any missed dosing or any incorrect assembled dosing heads.
  • Supplement Volume Monitor: Monitor the amount of supplement left in your container and receive notification when to refill.
  • Missed Dose Compensation: Automatically reschedules dosing that are missed due to unscheduled events or a power outage.
  • Three Dosing Rates: Whisper, Regular and Turbo.
  • Warranty: 2 year limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

I now have two devices installed on the ReefBeat App: My Red Sea ReefLed 50 and the ReefDose 4. All work seamlessly together on one App. Been using the App for the past 6 months with no issues and find the App very easy to use and to install new devices.

Maintenance: Red Sea does recommend replacing the inner tube of each dosing head once a year to help maintain a consistent and accurate calibration. Red Sea also recommends replacing the inner battery once every few years to help maintain time in case of a power failure.

Conclusion: Overall I’m very satisfied with the build quality and how everything performs. Would recommend this dosing unit to anybody that’s in the market for an aquarium dosing pump. I believe it took over 3 years for this dosing pump to come to market and you can tell Red Sea put a good deal of thought and consideration into the build of this dosing pump, so great job on another awesome product from Red Sea.



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