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Two Little Fishies Veggy Clip Review

4/13/2022 - Two Little Fishies company has been around since 1991 and makes all kinds of products for the saltwater and freshwater aquarium hobby. Decided to buy this hang on clip mainly for it’s price and needed something to hold seaweed so my Blue Tank would eat something other than algae from my nano aquarium, so I thought I would give it a try.


  • Made of durable hard plastic
  • Floats for easy retrieved if dropped in aquarium
  • Made for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums
  • No metal parts
  • Made in the USA

Two Little Fishies Veggie ClipFirst impressions - packaging: The clip came in a 5”x 4” cardboard retail displace package with a clear front so you can see the veggie clip. The packaging was well designed and would protect the veggie clip if the package ever fell to the ground.

First impressions - What’s Included in the package: 1 plastic veggie clip and 1 clear plastic suction cup. Instructions on how to use the Veggie Clip were printed on the back of the packaging printed in English. Some of the information printed on the frond and back of the packaging were in other language’s but not for the instructions.

First impressions - Product Quality: Two Little Fishies Vegie Clip is made of a white very hard plastic and seems to be very durable at first glance. Spring loaded and can hold onto things like seaweed securely in your nano aquarium. The spring is enclosed inside the plastic clip so I couldn’t see what the spring was made of but had good tension. Product states it has no metal parts, so you don't need to worry about potential rust.

Two Little Fishies Veggie ClipThe clear flexible suction cup seams to hold well against the inside of my nano aquarium. The Two Little Fishies Vegie Clip can be easily removed from the suction cup with ease while still leaving the suction cup in the aquarium.

Conclusion: Had this product for the past week and seems to do its job well. For a price of only $2.58, you can’t beat the price, quality and how well the clip works. Plus it floats if you drop it in your nano aquarium. At a size of only 2.25”, it’s the perfect size for a nano aquarium, just wish it came in black to blend in better with most nano aquariums which have black back panels. Nice job Two Little Fishies for another great product that doesn't break the bank.


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