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4/30/2022 - Waterbox Aquariums just released a new how to video on their nano cube20. Takes you through all the steps needed to get your new Waterbox nano cube20 up and running. The steps shown in this video can be used in any new nano reef aquarium but also offers step by step insight for someone that’s thinking of starting there own nano reef aquarium.

3/30/2022 - Waterbox Aquariums just announced the release of two new products today. Available for sale on Waterbox’s website or at your favorite retailer coming soon.

  • Waterbox Mesh Lid System; Designed for the Cube and there all in one aquarium systems. The Waterbox Aquariums mesh lid system comes pre-defined and ready to assemble for most of their aquarium systems which can be assembled by hand with only scissors. There lids Maintain the clean and sleek Waterbox Aquariums style with there recessed design and clear mesh.
  • Waterbox Aquarium Magnetic Cleaner. A better way to clean your aquarium. Designed for daily maintenance, there magnets keep stubborn algae from ever appearing, keeping your aquarium crystal clear and in pristine shape. There magnetic cleaners include an added plastic scraper attachment to minimize work on larger aquariums. If you lose contact with the internal magnet, the magnet floats to the top for easy retrieval.

3/25/2022 - Red Sea is having a 10% off sale on their Reefer line of aquariums while supplies last. Most local aquarium store in your area should be having this sale going on and your favorite online saltwater aquarium stores like BRS and are now advertising this sale. A great time to cash in on some savings.

2/27/2022 - For those of you wanting to get their hands on any product from Reef Factory here in the United States, your time may be coming. I have been in contact with a Reef Factory sales representative, and he stated that Reef Factory products will be coming to the United States sometime soon. More than likely, they are looking for a distributor here in the United States to sell their products and it sounds like that will happen sometime this year if all goes to plan. Reef Factory sells smart devices for your reef aquarium from lights, PH meters to dosing pumps all controlled from there Smart Reef App. Reef Factory is based in Poland.

2/18/2022 - Innovative Marine. There having a 10% off sale on all their PTC smart heaters. Sale can be found on Innovative Marine’s website located here.

2/2/2022 - Aquashella Aquarium Festival in Orando, Florida on Febuary 26th and 27th

1/31/2022 - Tropic Marin halts Production of there (Turkish Blend) Pro-Reef Salt Mix. "Tropic Marin Pro-Reef sea salt may contain a small amount of an insoluble clay mineral impurity that may impact our exacting optical quality standards, resulting in cloudiness, film and/or yellowish or brownish residue in the water". More information can be found on their website.

1/9/2022 - RedSea All new ReefMat. A plug & play, fully automated, smart fleece roller filter that keeps the aquarium water crystal clear for weeks at a time, with an easy mat replacement system that allows you to switch rolls without having to remove the filter from the sump, or even turn off the pumps. More information can be found on their website.

9/28/2021 - Hanna Instruments, All New Marine Master Multiparameter Photometer. The HI97105 is designed to accurately determine pH, Alkalinity, Calcium, Nitrate, Nitrite, and Phosphate level in aquariums and marine biology applications. More information can be found on their website.


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