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Coral and Fish

As of right now, this is a list of all the corals I have in this nano aquarium. No fish a this time but plan on getting two Clown fish.

Toadstool CoralGreen Polyp Toadstool Coral: Currently, I have 2 of these in my nano aquarium. These were the very first corals I bought for this aquarium and added them in week three (9/15/2021). They seem to do best in the lower parts of my aquarium with lower light levels compared to when I first got them, where I placed them where the torch coral are now. They didn’t like the extra light, so I placed them on the bottom of the aquarium and there doing great now and growing fast.

Toadstool CoralThere a great starter coral and did very well during the cycling of my nano aquarium. These carols seam to close up twice during the day and I believe they stay open most of the night.

The pictures don’t do these corals justice because the tenacles seem like there glowing in the light and a bright florescent green in color. The tenacles swaying in the current add that extra appeal to this nano aquarium.

At $49.99 per head at my local aquarium store, they were a good buy for the price.

Torch CoralCandle Light Torch Coral: Currently, I have 2 of these in my aquarium and bought them on 9/25/2021 and on 11/19/2021. Placed them in the middle center portion of the aquarium where there getting medium light. I’ve had no issues with these coral and seem to be very hardy. The larger of the two seamed to slit in two since I bought it which tells me there liking the chemistry levels of this nano aquarium.

Like the 2 Toadstool carols, they all tell me what’s going on with the chemistry of this aquarium especially when it comes to my Alkalinity (dKH) levels. When the Alkalinity has dropped to 8 dKH, or below, they seem not to extend their tentacles outward as much compared when the aquarium is at 8.6 dKH. Since I’m dosing the aquarium with All-for-Reef, while im raising my Dkh. Im also raising the Calcium at the same time which I know the torch corals are liking since there considered a stony coral.

I do plan on adding a green Torch coral when one comes available from my local aquarium store but green torch corals can by quite pricey but will add some extra color to this nano aquarium.

Zoan CorlasZoanthid Coral: Currently, I have 4 different types of Zoanthids in this nano aquarium and are listed below. They seem to be doing the best in the lower areas of this aquarium compared to higher levels.

  • 1 Blue's Clues Zoanthid
  • 1 Red Hornet Zoanthid
  • 1 Eagle Eyes Zoanthid
  • 2 Scramble Eggs Red Zoanthid

Zoan Corals

Hammer CoralHammer Coral: Bought this hammer coral on 2/16/2022 at my local saltwater aquarium store. The hammer coral has two heads and is about 2.5 inches wide with neon yellow tips. Just not sure what type of hammer coral this is, all I know it’s a branching hammer coral. There a great starter coral and should do well in my nano aquarium.

Clown Fish: Finally added two clown fish to my nano aquarium on 2/16/2022. There very small in size and fit well in this nano aquarium. Currently feeding them PE slow sinking Mysis pellets from Piscine Energetics and bought them at my local aquarium store where I bought the clown fish from. The pellets are 1 mm in size and seem to be plenty small for there little mouths. I’m feeding them once in the morning and once in the evening, about 10 Clown Fishpellets at a time. Since these clowns are my first fish for this nano aquarium, I will wait a month or so before putting any other fish in this aquarium just to see how they do.

Feeding Coral: Red Sea Reef Energy Plus AB+ is the only food I’m feeding my corals once a week. I spot feed using a coral feeder baster, works great. When taking from the refrigerator, make sure the food become room temperature first before feeding your coral. I also mix a little of the aquarium’s saltwater in with the food to dilute the mixture. My corals respond very well to this food and a little bit goes a long way, so don’t overdo it on feeding.

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