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Aquarium specifications on the JBJ Rimless Flat Panel aquarium (RF-25) and main reasons why I bought this tank over other brands. Three of the biggest factors in getting this aquarium over other brands was price, availability, and functionality.

Price: A big factor for me was price, I had a budget of $800 I wanted to spend on a new aquarium including stand and sales tax. There are other brands on the market like Red Sea and Waterbox that sell nano size aquariums but didn’t include the features I was looking for or was out of my price range like the Red Sea 20 gallon Max Nano aquarium.

Availability: Before I decided on an aquarium to buy, I wanted to see it in person instead of relying on photos from the manufacture or an online store. Seeing an aquarium in person at your local aquarium store gives you a better understanding how everything is built and works, plus you can ask questions if you have any. The local aquarium store I bought the aquarium from sold several sized JBJ aquariums and had them in-stock including JBJ stands already built ready to go. Plus supporting your local aquarium store is a big plus.

Functionality and Features: I defiantly wanted an aquarium that had some kind of filter sock for filtration since I wouldn’t be running a sump with a skimmer. There’re quite a few manufacturers out there that build Nano size aquariums that incorporate filter socks for filtration but most of them use small nonstandard sized filter socks which may be hard to find down the road or stuck buying from the manufacture all the time which may cost more money. So, I definitely wanted an aquarium that used a standard 4” filter sock that I could buy just about anywhere online or at your local aquarium store.

JBJ sells several all-in-one Nano aquariums in several sizes (10, 15, and 20 gallon capacities) at great prices but none of them incorporate a filter sock for filtration. All three of these aquariums only use coarse sponge filters, active carbon, and ceramic rings for filtration, no filter sock.

Since I wouldn’t be running a sump below the tank with a skimmer, I wanted something inside the JBJ aquarium cabinet that would capture fine particles from the water without relying on sponges to do that job. A filter sock will capture most all fine particles including leftover fish food, floating algae and anything that is floating in the water column.

The JBJ Rimless Flat Panel aquarium (RF-25) came with a coarse sponge filter, active carbon, ceramic rings,2 filter bags for your activated carbon and ceramic rings, 4” filter sock, 2 glass lids, directional Flare nozzle and a 198gph return pump.

JBJ stands come in either Gloss White or Gloss Black and include a built in shelf that’s none adjustable. Two big opening in back for easy power management. The stand I bought was already built so im not sure if they come that way from JBJ.

  • Dimensions & Weight
    Dimensions: 18.5 × 18 × 18 in (47 × 45 × 45 cm)
    Glass Thickness: 8 mm (Low Iron)
    Capacity: 25 gal (95 L)
    Weight: 49 lb (22 kg)
  • Compatibility
    Uses standard 4-inch micron filtration socks.
  • Features
    Rimless Flat Panel Design w/ High Clarity Glass & Black Silicone
    All-In-One Filtration w/ Built In Overflow
    Designated Heater and Protein Skimmer Column
    Removable 4" Sock Cradle
    Removable Glass Top
  • Return Pump
    Model: FP-750
    Power Consumption: 12 w at max flow
    Flow Rate: 198 gal/h
  • Stand Specs
    L-18.5"xW-18"xH36" (Colors in gloss black or white)
  • Warranty
    Comes with a 1 year limited warranty
  • JBJ Manual


The JBJ Nano Reef aquarium has a nicely integrated rear filtration compartments that has plenty of room for extras, like a small skimmer if needed down the road. The filtration compartment has 3 different chambers and aren’t adjustable in any way, but easy to work in and around but plenty of room for what you need it for.

JBJ rear compartment

Rear Filtration CompartmentThe first compartment where the water enters the rear filtration, houses the 4”x8” filter sock with a removable cradle. You will notice I have a sponge above the filter sock opening, this helped 100% with the dripping sound of water into this chamber (No more dripping sound). Below that is a bag of activated carbon that came with the aquarium and below that is a filter sponge which also came with the aquarium.

The second chamber holds a bag mixture of bio balls that came with the aquarium and add CerMedia MarinePure Biofilter Media Gems for growing bacteria and algae. On top of that I have another filter sponge to keep everything in place. I also house my heater in this compartment. There’s plenty of room in this second chamber for adding a small skimmer or probes for recording data.

Above the second chamber I installed the universal mounting bracket for the Red Sea REEFLED 50 LED Light. Fits perfectly with no issues.

The third chamber holds the return pump and my temperature probe for my temperature controller and is the biggest chamber out of all of them. Plenty of room for your heater and probes for recording data. Above this chamber I installed a two speed cooling fan to help keep the Nano aquarium temperatures under control.

NOTE: The activated carbon, bio balls and Media Gems are housed in their own mesh Filter Media Bags with Zippers. Two zipper bags came with the JBJ aquarium, but I did buy some extra bags on Amazon to have on hand if needed. Filter bag size: 5.9"x7.8".

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